GECG supports organisations in becoming more competitive through executive coaching by enabling leaders to expand their leadership potential.

Develop, transform, align

Global Executive Coaching Group is now integrated into leading brains. This site will shortly be discontinued.

Operating out of Zurich, Switzerland, Global Executive Coaching Group is a highly diverse group of experienced coaches that are specialised in executive coaching. With a solid background in business economics, science, psychology, behavioural science, neuroscience, and importantly with deep knowledge and experience of the corporate world. Global Executive Coaching Group is a prime address to enable leaders to grow and remain competitive with the challenges of the 21st century.
Through executive coaching we enable leaders to tap into their own personal resources to better master leadership issues and challenges demanded by the 21st century workplace. We have in-depth expertise supporting leaders in the following broad areas:
Mastering Leadership
Senior leaders are faced with ever increasing competition, speed, ambiguity and complexity. We help enable leaders to tap into themselves to master and lead through these challenges.
Mastering Change
Change and transformation bring with them uncertainty, anxiety and resistance. We help enable leaders to tap into themselves to better lead and engage employees through uncertainty.
Personal Mastery
Promotion, change of role, company or country all bring about new leadership challenges. We help support leaders in growing their internal resources to be able to master new challenges.

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“I have had the real pleasure of working with Andy Habermacher [GECG partner] on many occasions over the years... Importantly Andy comes with a sound understanding of the needs of myself and my organisation. His sharp focus and his clear understanding of underlying people issues have contributed to helping myself and my people add value to the organisation."
- Hansueli Meister
CEO, Credit Suisse Switzerland
Member of the Executive Board of Credit Suisse Group AG
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