We coach senior leaders and high potentials and help them to access their internal resources, skills and potential to lead through the challenges of the 21st century market place.

Develop, transform, align

Global Executive Coaching Group has a clear focus on coaching as a powerful tool to develop and help transform leaders. We believe in enabling each leader to lead from a deeper place, from the sense of self in a genuine, authentic and powerful way.

We believe coaching is an essential part of organisational and leadership development programmes. Our passion is to help create a stronger and more solidly founded basis for leadership success and enable leaders and corporations to better be able to tackle the challenges and the paradigms of the 21st century.

We provide executive coaching to senior leaders. We are experts in the following three areas:
Mastering Leadership
Senior leaders are faced with ever increasing competition, speed, ambiguity and complexity. We help enable leaders to tap into themselves to master and lead through these challenges.
Mastering Change
Change and transformation bring with them uncertainty, anxiety and resistance. We help enable leaders to tap into themselves to better lead and engage employees through uncertainty.
Personal Mastery
Promotion, change of role, company or country all bring about new leadership challenges. We help support leaders in growing their internal resources to be able to master new challenges.
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