Promotion, change of role, company or country all bring about new leadership challenges.

We help support leaders in growing their internal resources to be able to master new challenges.

Develop, transform, align

When taking on new roles and particularly more senior roles it is common to realise your personal limits and a steep learning curve is often necessary. It more than often holds true that what got your here might not get you there. In "Personal "Mastery" coaching programmes we aim to accompany leaders in developing themselves personally to tap into your internal resources and master the challenges new environments and new roles can throw up. A key element of personal mastery is understanding yourself and where you come from - this will enable you to then tap into your internal resources to be more balanced and in control.

These coaching programmes take a personal look at you, the person, and stimulate the insights for you to grow and develop and come to congruence within yourself and with your actions. Our goal is to stimulate and help you develop into a more balanced and naturally charismatic parson that is truly able to lead with a deeper sense of self and a deeper sense of respect for yourself and for others and more importantly gain that deep heartfelt respect from others.

  • C-Suite Executive
  • Senior Executives
  • High Potentials
  • Executives moving upwards in an organisation
  • Senior executives wanting to position themselves for the next step

  • To build stronger skills and competencies for bigger challenges
  • To fully engage personal strengths
  • To understand what drives each of us individually
  • Developing incisive insights
  • Dealing with the challenge, stress, and speed of the market place
  • Aligning decision-making, behaviour and knowledge
  • Making clear strategic decisions
  • Dealing with ambiguity and complexity
  • Keeping competitive
What do we do?

  • Focus on results
  • Focus on ROI
  • Work with each individual as an individual
  • Highlight personal competencies
  • Re-evaluate personal drives and motivation
  • Help identify resources for new challenges
  • Focus on issues not previously been encountered in current role
  • Understand the context
  • Tap into each individual's passion, vision and drive
  • Raise awareness of personal alignment
  • Stimulate introspection
  • Stimulate insights
  • Draw on our experience
  • Highlight personal resources
  • Are honest and open
  • Are confidential and trustworthy
  • Challenge your assumptions
  • Reassess your values
  • Understand your sense of purpose
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